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Infants and Toddlers

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please click on images below:

Little girls who are infants and toddlers need bows too! 
Quite often mothers will tell us that their child has fine, thin hair.  
Here is a selection of smaller children's hairbows with your 
tiny young lady in mind!

Small Pinch Clip
$3.00 each

Large Pinch Clip
$3.50 each

Tiny Southern Pinch
$3.00 each

Small Southern Bow
$3.50 each

Medium Southern Bow

Small Gingham Bow
$3.50 each

Large Gingham Bow
$4.00 each

Sheer Pinch Clip
$3.50 each

Tiny Standup Pinch Clip

Please be certain to use extreme caution when children are wearing hair accessories.  Small children have a tendency to place small objects in their mouths and could choke.  We want all children to be safe!



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